To Promote the Health, Welfare and Safety of our Communities by Advocating for Responsible Planning
to Insure Sustainability of the Finite Resources of Napa County.

About Us

Our first meeting, January 27, 2015. 20 were invited, 50 showed up!

Why We Formed the Coalition

Napa Vision 2050 was started in January, 2015 by neighbors from up and down the county to protect the quality of life for the Commons. We joined together to confront the challenges of inappropriate development in the Agricultural Preserve, in Agricultural Watershed and in the municipalities. We demand that we have clean water and clean air.

We have been advocating for responsible, forward-looking planning rather than business as usual. We believe that the current local planning systems and the Supervisors are not providing the necessary stewardship of our limited resources: there are excessive and inappropriate developments with resulting financial and environmental costs.

Napa Vision 2050 is the first example of such an overarching coalition in the Napa Valley. We exist to preserve local values and to protect our water resources, forests, rural communities, agriculture and open space. We want to build on the legacy of the visionary leaders of the 1960’s and ‘70’s who created the Agricultural Preserve and the Rural Urban Limits (RUL) to prevent Napa County from replicating the sprawl of subdivisions and strip malls that dominate so many communities of the Bay Area.

Algo sobre nosotros

Porque formamos la coalición

Napa Visión 2050 se formó en enero 2015 por un grupo de vecinos de todas partes del condado para proteger la calidad de vida de los comunes. Nos hemos reunidos para confrontar los problemas causados por el desarrollo de proyectos incongruentes con la Preserva agricultural, con el Vertiente agricultural y en los municipios. Nosotros demandamos agua limpia y aire limpia.

Abogamos por la planificación responsable y adelantada en vez de como de costumbre. Creemos que los sistemas de planificación corrientes y los Supervisores del condado no proveen la administración necesaria para nuestros recursos limitados: hay excesivos e incongruentes proyectos que resultan en costos financieros y ambientales.

Napa Visión 2050 es el primer ejemplo de una coalición tan comprensiva en la valle de Napa. Existimos para preservar los valores locales y para proteger nuestros recursos del agua, de los bosques, de las comunidades rurales, de la agricultura y de los espacios naturales. Queremos reforzar la herencia de los líderes visionarios de los 1960s y los 70s que crearon la Preserva agricultural y los límites urbanos rurales (RUL) para prevenir en el condado de Napa la duplicación de la arrastrada de los subdivisiones y las alamedas comerciales que dominan tantas comunidades en el área de la bahía de San Francisco.

Our First Year

Over the past year we have found it necessary to appeal many of the decisions of the planning commission to the Supervisors who have been satisfied with business as usual. We are disturbed that they facilitate forgiveness for wineries that have been found, or admitted, they had been operating outside of their permits while not showing any such leniency for residential excursions. This doesn't seem like equal treatment under the law. They fall back on an outdated policy, the Zucker Report, to justify their leniency even though they rescinded this policy several years ago--We don't make these things up, it just the way business has always been done here.

Another disappointment has been the way the Agricultural Protection Advisory Committee (APAC) has been handled from start to finish. The committee was loaded with (13) wine and hospitality industry members while just 4 of us represented environmental and community groups. It was about impossible to agree on anything substantive. Nevertheless there was agreement on a few recommendations which have not been seriously acted upon by the supervisors. They appear reluctant to change the status quo. They don't want to "rush" a compliance program because "understanding a permit is so difficult." They support self-compliance and/or a compliance program based on citizen complaints. But self-reporting just doesn’t work—whether it’s for silica, wine production or concussions.

2016 Action Plan

When only one tree remains, life will be intolerable.

Recently we discovered that Napa County has the highest cancer rates in California for both children and adults and brought that to the attention of the Supervisors Their response to this data has been tepid. Therefore, we are establishing a Community Health task force to seek answers as to the causative agents. In particular we are concerned about the carcinogenic emissions at the Syar mine and asphalt plant as well as the use of agricultural pesticides.

We have watched with concern as vineyard conversions move up into our watersheds. The City of Napa and St, Helena have gone on record to limit such deforestation. Napa City has asked the county to consider an ordinance to protect the municipal watersheds. The county has not acted so we are: We support the proposed ballot initiative, " Water, Forest and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative of 2016." During April, 2016 you will find your neighbors seeking signatures to place this on the ballot. Please sign.

We are supporting Diane Shepp for supervisor in District 4. Diane was a founding member of Protect Rural Napa, our coalition and she serves as a Board member.

In order to initiative discussion on the broad topic of tourism, we recently sponsored a forum, Understanding the Tourism-Based Economy, at the NVCountry Club, with supervisors, mayors, councilpersons, chamber, hospitality and citizens in attendance. Our three invited speakers presented stimulating ideas that we discuss in our new Newsletter. We will be following up with relevant leaders to insure these ideas become part of our collective plan for the valley.

Napa Vision 2050 is a force for positive change. We are a group of residents who are proactive about conserving resources and the quality of life we see gradually slipping away. We welcome you to join us.

Our Board of Directors

Dan Mufson, President
Kathy Felch, Vice President
Eve Kahn, Vice President
Cindy Grupp, Treasurer
Jim Wilson, Secretary
Ginna Beharry
George Caloyannidis
Patricia Damery
Geoff Ellsworth
Gary Margadant
Diane Shepp

Our Coalition Members