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Of primary concern to the citizens of Napa County, as evidenced by the near victory in last June’s Measure C ballot initiative, is the need for enhanced protections of our hillside forested watersheds. Measure C, the Watershed and Oak Woodland Protections Measure, would have provided much-needed stream setbacks, called water quality buffer zones; would have slowly drawn down the ability to convert forested lands to vineyards and had meaningful mitigations for developments already underway.

The wine and tourism industry used vast amounts of money and a disingenuous campaign to defeat Measure C, but the issue remains at the forefront of our citizen’s fight for enhanced protections for our finite water resources and to curb climate change. Napa County government is hearing the alarm and is currently working on a Strategic Plan which we hope will encompass the basic principles of Measure C. If nothing substantive comes out of the Strategic Plan, it is highly likely that another citizen’s initiative will be before voters in 2020.