What’s a “push poll”?

These are neither polls nor research and are a very expensive, controversial, negative political campaign practice. The big-money corporate wineries that are working to defeat a measure they see threatening their profits are already using American Directions Research Group, a Washington, D.C.- based firm to conduct them, right here, right now, in our Napa valley.

These “persuasion” calls (as they are referred to in the industry) are thinly veiled as
data- gathering but are actually highly ​manipulative and designed to influence voters, spread rumors, and engage in fear-mongering.

If you are registered to vote, you may get a call from them.

What can you to do to help when you get a call?

Engage and keep them on the line. Take notes of what they ask and then let us know. Email us at napavision2050@gmail.com.

How can you tell a push poll call from a legitimate research or legitimate campaign call? Read this New York Times article.

What does this say about the campaigns ahead this spring?

So far the main focus is on Measure C – the Watershed and Oak Woodland Initiative. While there are a growing number of grape-growers and vintners who support Measure C, it looks like others will make this a particularly nasty campaign.

The wine industry is threatened and is going all out to ensure their profits.

We must stick to facts, education, and dedication to our valley, knowing our home’s future hangs in the balance.

We must not be offended by name-calling and hyperbole of bizarre and off-kilter rants.

We must be acutely aware of the David and Goliath nature of this battle. We will never have the millions that they have promised to dedicate to defeating Measure C. But we have something more powerful than dollars: the ethical responsibility to protect our valley from environmental destruction that cannot be undone and the backing of thousands of voters.

Please join with us in protecting our Napa valley. Together, like David, we will defeat Goliath and save our watersheds–our water. Make any donation you can to keep Napa Vision 2050 working for you, for all of us and for the future of our common home.