Why We Formed the Coalition

Napa Vision 2050 formed in January 2015 to protect the quality of life for Napa County’s residents and the rich biodiversity of our natural environment for now and for our future generations. Over a dozen neighborhood groups countywide joined forces to:

  • Advocate for protection of waterways, forests, oak woodlands and improve air quality.
  • Protect and restore the resilience of our natural environment to meet the challenges of our changing climate.
  • Protect lands in Agricultural Preserve and Agricultural Watershed Open Space.
  • Empower the public to make informed decisions in our government.
  • Build healthy cities with affordable workforce housing, living wages, walkable downtowns, and public transit.
  • Keep the needs of our local community and our natural environment foremost in our government’s actions and policies.

Napa Vision 2050 is an Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(4) public benefit corporation.

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