Although Climate change is a huge global issue we have an opportunity to positively address it at our local level.

Two Napa residents, Jim Wilson down valley, and Mike Hackett in Angwin, have collaborated with conscientious members of the wine industry to write a balanced initiative that acknowledges both the environmental and economic value of the county’s creeks, watersheds, and forests. Called the Napa County Watershed and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative of 2018, this carefully crafted proposal builds on Napa’s tradition of honoring its semi-rural heritage. At the same time, it respects the successful local economy nurtured by the wine industry.

As tourism has grown in Napa Valley, surveys have revealed that visitors value our rustic landscape as much as our wineries. By limiting deforestation of the scenic hillsides, the Oak Woodland Initiative ensures that the valley’s aesthetics aren’t unduly compromised by development.

But more importantly, the Initiative protects the environment for its own sake. Napa’s woodlands harbor over 1,300 plant and wildlife species endangered by deforestation and development. This measure will help conserve those resources.

In addition it will protect the crucial creeks and hillside streams that nourish the Napa River and replenish essential but depleted groundwater.

In June we will have an opportunity to vote for The Oak Woodlands Initiative which defends our woods and water, thereby providing a healthier environment for ourselves, the plants and animals we share our valley with, and the visitors who choose to vacation here.
Don Williams

Update: the Board of Supervisors certified the Initiative on January 30, 2018 and ordered a 9111 report done to show fiscal impacts of the initiative within the next 30 days. At that time they vote to make it an ordinance as is, or to place it on the ballot.