Napa Vision 2050 has grown to be a strong advocate for good in the Napa Valley. Like the oak trees we work to save, we are diverse, with deep roots and wide branches.
We succeeded in protecting our county from the noise and dangers of private heliports (Yes on D!) and supported Measure C, whose count was extremely close. Now your gift will deliver funds to:

*Continue the fight to protect our watersheds, hillsides, and oaks. Though Measure C conceded, the count was extremely close, signaling widespread community concern and support for this critical grassroots effort. 

*Support our legal pursuits as we all work to protect our air quality and ensure the health and safety of our community.

*Help to fund our communications and website so we can stay effective and efficient in keeping you informed.

You may send a check made out to Napa Vision 2050 to:

Napa Vision 2050
PO Box 2385
Yountville, CA 94599

Or you can send an online donation via PayPal (all credit cards accepted)

Consider making your donation a monthly contribution. Simply click the box below the contribution amount after you click the donate button

Please note that contributions or gifts to Napa Vision 2050 are not tax deductible.