Napa Vision 2050 endorses Geoff Ellsworth for Mayor of St. Helena. His ongoing work to bring water security and economic balance to the city of St. Helena and to larger Napa County is commendable. He is an uncorrupted advocate for the citizens of his city and of our county.

Candidate Statement: My name is Geoff Ellsworth and I am currently on the St. Helena City Council. l am running for mayor in St. Helena against current Mayor Alan Galbraith because many people in town are unhappy with how things are going in both St. Helena and Napa County. Many people in our residential, agricultural and business communities feel underserved over the last decade of Mr. Galbraith’s involvement in local government. People are looking for a change.

St. Helena deserves proactive, reliable and dynamic leadership from its mayor with a vision for where we need to go and an ability to foresee problems. That has just not been happening here.

Soy Geoff Ellsworth y les aviso de que soy candidato para el puesto de Alcalde de nuestra linda ciudad, cuales votaciones seran durante los proximos meses de Octubre y Noviembre. Actualmente soy miembro del Ayuntamiento. Pase mi niñez y juventud aqui en St. Helena, y quiero ver la misma oportunidad para nuestras futuras generaciones.

I’m running to protect our quality of life, to ensure strong financial oversight that’s been missing here, to protect our water security and environment, and to insist on transparency on all our issues.

Since 2016 we have a more engaged City Council, an excellent new City Manager and a sense that with community involvement we can finally repair the long ignored infrastructure and deferred maintenance. We can protect our water sources, address serious zoning and housing issues, bring downtown revitalization, improve financial oversight, better engage with the County on issues like water that affect us, and be guided by a vision for how St. Helena and Napa County ought to look in 20 or even 30 years.

I am seeking to be elected Mayor in St.Helena to help guide us to these positive outcomes.