Yes on Measure D!

It’s hard to mount the type of grassroots effort Calistoga resident, George Caloyannidis has done to protect our Valley from the consequences of allowing heliports to be built on private property. With enthusiastic support from his friends, neighbors, and concerned residents of the Napa Valley, George has initiated, funded and worked tirelessly to inform the public about this measure.

Measure D prevents the proliferation of private heliports and helicopter taxi services in the County. That’s it. It does nothing to change existing regulations which allow police, fire, PG&E and emergency service operations.

And yet with the application of the Palmaz’s to install a heliport on their rural property, the Goliaths of the Valley – both personal and professional – have jumped on board to advocate for allowing this change. These are not only private helicopter owners, but businesses which see a marketing tool to increase their profit by allowing visitors to arrive at their sites via helicopter. And now rumor has it, a national association representing helicopter interests may be about to launch a campaign to convince residents that voting against this measure is in our best interests.

You may have seen our homemade “Yes on D” signs around town, our card table set up at the Farmer’s Markets, or one of your neighbors handing out fliers describing this measure. This is who we are. The everyday folks who live and work in the Valley. The people who want all planes to land at regulated, safe airports. The people who want a quiet, peaceful environment for ourselves and the animals who share our land.

We are asking City and County officials to listen to their neighbors and advocate for us by supporting Measure D. Unfortunately, State Senator, Bill Dodd and a representative of PG&E who are publically against the measure, have declined to attend any neighborhood community meetings to explain their positions.

Because we have lost faith in the will of our elected and appointed officials to act on this issue, everyday Valley residents are taking up the challenge thru the initiative process. And looking for your support with a YES ON D in June.

–Iris Barrie, Napa citizen.