“What I see before us is that next step in terms of taking compliance to the next level,” county Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza said.

This reported in the Wednesday, August 30, 2017, Napa Register regarding code compliance.
Our Board of Supervisors say they are going to set deadlines for after-the-fact applications and get really tough.

We are not holding our collective breaths.

Just a few days before this statement, Pedroza voted for Raymond Vineyards after-the-fact approvals for several structures and tasting areas, more employees, and to take out vines to create a Highway 29 entrance and visitor center. 

What about code compliance there? We have been fighting this behavior over numerous years and numerous projects and in each case the Supervisors have looked the other way while rubber-stamping after-the-fact approvals of code violations: Reverie, Bremmer, Relic, The Caves at Soda Canyon… Who’s next?

Talk is cheap. Can our Supervisors kick their habit of forgiving code violations by granting permits?  We can only say, we will have to wait and see. The proof is in the pudding.  Let’s all keep breathing and advocating for meaningful code compliance in the meantime.  It could be a long time before we see our supervisors get around to it.