This last week we heard that PG&E is flying in out-of-state crews to Northern California to enter properties without permission to cut trees within the PG&E right of way. We asked the Supervisors about the truth of this and received the following from Executive Director David Morrison. We advise you to contact either David Morrison or your district supervisor if you have questions or concerns about trees on your property. 

“PG&E has indicated that they will be conducting wildfire vegetation management work, focusing on overhanging branches or limbs, which have the potential to come into contact with power lines. 
They have indicated that PG&E will reach out to customers before work begins by automated phone calls, letters, emails, door knocks and door-hangers. CWSP Wildfire Safety Veg Work Doorhanger_20180906
PG&E has said that they will work with customers to review the wildfire safety work and answer questions.
For more information, PG&E asks that residents call 1-877-295-4949 or email them at   They state that they respond within one business day.
More information on our comprehensive Community Wildfire Safety Program is also available at .”

The e-mail from PG&E to Congressman’s Mike Thompson’s Office was more severe. Email from PG&E to Senator Thompson’s Office