Our Board of Supervisors could learn a thing or two about participative democracy from right wing republican Tom McClintock. a congressman from the Central Valley. McClintock knows how to treat people with respect, no matter what their politics.
Napa County Supervisors can take a lesson from him! In their so-called “outreach” for the development of their Strategic Plan, not ONE of the supervisors has attended, only their expensive, hired consultants! They seem to be doing everything they can to keep us at bay. Why don’t they hold an open session for public participation as they last did in 2015 when hundreds of residents filed the Napa High auditorium? And schedule the session on a Saturday so working families can attend.

In contrast, McClintock chose the largest venue in Sonora, and when 250 people showed up beyond the capacity of the hall, he stepped outside before the meeting and addressed the overflow crowd.

He told them that he wanted to hear their views and give them a chance to speak by organizing another meeting and by having those who already made their comment make room for those who hadn’t.

See the attached, highlighted article from the Sonora Union Democrat.

A huge lesson for us all here in Napa Valley! Listen! Hear us! Our views are important! After all, “This is what democracy looks like!”

Hot off the Press!
Last year citizens spoke through almost 6300 signatures to put the Water, Forest and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative on the ballot. Elected officials did not listen!
Citizens, be persistent! We cannot be suppressed!
Today’s Napa Valley Register story:
From James Conaway’s Blog: (https://cjonwine.blogspot.com/2017/04/listen-to-trees.html)
“This issue has profound implications for the entire state of California and comes at a time when forests and fish face unprecedented environmental stress. Napa County is one of the few that can well afford these necessary precautions, and resistance by vintners and developers is both wrong-headed and unconscionable.”–Conaway