Napa Vision 2050 endorses Donald Williams for Calistoga City Council. For years Calistoga has suffered from lack of leadership in a time of too rapid expansion. Donald’s thoughtful approach to community and government will bring balance to growth and ensure respect for natural resources. He has been active in the Calistoga community for over 40 years and has an extensive business and academic background. While pragmatic, he approaches issues with an open-mind and critical curiosity.

Candidate’s Statement:

Dear Fellow Calistogan,
In this beautiful small community of Calistoga, how shall we govern and organize ourselves? Our democratic system offers us the opportunity every four years to reevaluate our goals and efforts, and to decide who among us shall be chosen to legislate them. After 44 years in Calistoga, it’s my turn to offer my services in this important endeavor.

As a candidate for city council, I bring a perspective that’s broad and balanced. I’ve been deeply involved in Calistoga since 1974. Here I’ve raised my family, started and run my own business, and participated in community activities. My work experience—both as a flooring contractor and as a teacher at Napa Valley College—encompassed the entire county. It provided me an understanding of residents’ concerns throughout the valley, and now helps me place Calistogans’ issues in that larger semi-rural context.

My interests align with yours. Over the years I’ve written or spoken publicly about a broad range of local issues including land-use, budgeting, aesthetics, recreation, and transportation. I approach issues with an open mind and critical curiosity. My discourse is not declarative; I don’t tell people what to think or do. Rather, I honestly inquire, “What makes this issue important for you?” And when it’s time to decide, my criterion is: “Does this action enlarge or diminish us—socially, economically, spiritually?”

As a businessman and math teacher, I fully appreciate fact-based pragmatism. I also understand that Calistogans want acknowledgement of fears, hopes, and aspirations. I like a relationship between the public and their council that’s empowered by imagination and a respectful exploration of different ideas. Calistoga is not solely a business enterprise. It’s an organic community that should honor hopes and dreams as well as facts.

In coming years we will pay attention to many issues: the fairgrounds; the positive and negative effects of tourism; the town’s infrastructure; traffic; housing; water; and above all, honoring Calistoga’s special, small-town quality. To this discussion I will bring a balanced, open-minded approach, grounded in years of experience and familiarity with up-valley issues. Conscious of the spirit of Calistoga, I’ll want to respect the dimension of Calistoga which is not just technical or financial but also involves connection and cooperation. If ever you have felt unrepresented, or that what you said wouldn’t matter—then I offer you my services on city council. Meeting thousands of Calistogans and Napans at work and in the classroom for decades, I became good at listening and understanding people’s needs. I will hear and represent you. I want to have interesting conversations with interesting people—you. I will be responsive to our Calistoga community’s wishes and participate in achieving our goals. I hope to meet and talk with you, and I look for your support as a council member. Till then,

Phone: 707-479-8660 Email: Donald Williams