The “Napa Residents for Sensible Planning…No on Palm Drive Solar” are diligently working to stop the Palm Drive Solar project. We are “rounding up” the support of several local organizations and meeting with County Planners and Supervisors on a regular basis.

A new “twist” has evolved that is of utmost importance to address. The developer of the proposed 11.5-acre Palm Drive project has also submitted a similar, though larger, plan to be located in American Canyon. The American Canyon site “appears” to be much more suitable and has had very little opposition from the public. However, the problem lies in that this site is located in the County AG Watershed and AG Preserve. Approval of this sets a very alarming precedent for future projects including Coombsville and all of Napa County.

The Planning Commission has told us that currently, they plan to approve the American Canyon project to move forward to the Board of Supervisors. We have one last chance to be seen and heard before this decision is final. Next WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 9:00 AM is the Planning Commission Meeting at which this issue will be addressed publicly.

Our position is that we, as citizens, need a voice in this. We are not opposed to all commercial solar. However, Napa County has no regulations in place for a project that is expected to last thirty years. The WDO (Winery Definition Ordinance) was created to define, refine and regulate wineries, the Conservation Regulations were created to regulate vineyard development. Why should solar “farms” be any different?

All of the surrounding counties have created ordinances or taken a stand on this matter. Napa County is a “sitting duck” for commercial solar development. The long-term consequences of this decision have not been thoroughly considered.

Please attend the Wednesday AM meeting. We need the help of the community! We will have badges and banners for people to show support. It is not imperative that we all speak but certainly anyone is welcome to come to the stand for a presentation (limited to three minutes per person). We have a few members, including myself, writing and rehearsing speeches in advance.

Don your turquoise and red outfits (if you please), gather your friends and neighbors… and come help us keep Napa County bucolic!

Thank you very much for your time and attention. Please feel free to call me, 707.339.1481, with any questions or concerns. Should you prefer to be removed from this mailing list, kindly send me a response.

Wednesday, October 17
9:00 AM
County of Napa Government Offices
1195 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Napa, CA 94559