Heliport Initiative:Measure D

Q:  What does the Helicopter Initiative do?
A:  The Helicopter Initiative would prohibit private helicopter landings and take-offs to and from residences.  They would still be permitted at two airports at either end of the county, one in Angwin and one south of Napa.

Q:  Why is it important to limit helicopter usage?
A:  Helicopters are noisy, low-flying, and intrusive in residential areas.  And they are inappropriate in otherwise quiet, peaceful, rural regions like Napa County.

Q:  Aren’t helicopters useful in agriculture?
A:  The initiative continues to permit necessary landings and take-offs at vineyards to engage in direct agricultural cultivation.  However, it would not allow some wineries’ current use of helicopters to transport consultants, executives, and investors indirectly involved in farming.

Q:  But aren’t helicopters important in emergencies?
A:  The initiative does not restrict the use of helicopters by emergency personnel.

Q:  Isn’t the FAA, not Napa County, in charge of air traffic?
A:  Yes.  But this initiative deals with local land use (the location of heliports) which is under the jurisdiction of local government.

Q:  Would helicopter taxi services be allowed?
A:  No. Nothing could be more incongruous in quiet semi-rural Napa County than fleets of helicopters overhead disturbing the peace.