What YOU can do to helpWhat YOU can do to helpSUBJECT: Appeal of Center for Biodiversity v. County of Napa (Walt Ranch Vineyard Conversion Project)
HEARING DATE: December 14, 2021 – 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: Board of Supervisors Chambers, 3rd Floor 1195 Third Street
Napa, CA 94558 =============================================================================

What YOU Can do to Help:
 Write a letter or email to your Board of Supervisors requesting that this Appeal hearing be continued for at least (60) days to allow for meaningful public comment
 We need volunteers to help paint protest signs (all supplies will be provided)
 Learn more about the issues by reading Public Comments letters in opposition to the Appeal here: https://pbes.cloud/index.php/s/kbo3pXdNxaRecws?path=%2FWalt%20R anch%20Comments
 We need concerned citizens to submit Letters to the Editor of the Napa Valley Register to increase public awareness of the issues.
 Write to your Board of Supervisors and let them know how you feel about this project and urge them to approve the Appeal filed by the Center for Biodiversity and send this project back to the drawing board.
Napa County Board of Supervisors 1195 Third Street, Suite 310 Napa, CA 94559
Email your Supervisors at:
Brad Wagenknecht: brad.wagenknecht@countyofnapa.org

Alfredo Pedroza: Diane Dillon Ryan Gregory Belia Ramos
alfredo.pedroza@countyofnapa.org diane.dillon@countyofnapa.org ryan.gregory@countyofnapa.org belia.ramos@countyofnapa.org
 Come to a noon-time protest rally on the date of the hearing of the Appeal (currently on December 14, 2021) and let your Board of Supervisors know how you feel.
 Present public comments at the Appeal hearing. (Speaking points are available upon request.)
 Questions? Contact Sue Wagner (suezeeque19@yahoo.com or Lisa Hirayama (carr4X4@gmail.com)