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  • Carolyn Czapleski

    says on:
    May 19, 2019 at 10:52 pm

    Am a small winery -we have 25 acres family( my husband and I) own. all estate grapes. only produce 2500 cases – direct to consumer and for 5 years have been trying to get our Use Permit- we have that now but the process to now do all the requirement will cost us too much for us- think you need to look at the big picture. The Use Permit costs and then the implementation of the permit. A full fledge winery has to go in….. crush pad, tasting room, waste management, roads developed.So in order to have 70 people a week come for a glass of wine and a chat we would have to do construction that would change our little environment. Think you should look at an example like us. Very small and all we wanted was to have a few people legally sit on our porch and enjoy our vineyards and piece of heaven. BUT think you have “thrown the baby out”. Support us- the real little guys. We have been here 36 years and never wanted to put a winery in but that is the only way we can have wine club members here.
    Oh- David is said to have signed an ordinance for this on Friday.
    Oh and I have been in meeting with the NV Vintners where the wineried who pay the most dues(Corporate wineries) did not want the ordinance- it was presented to them two years ago and the members with pull – pulled it.

    Oh well. As they say- follow the money.

    • Patricia Damery

      says on:
      May 20, 2019 at 1:19 pm

      Dear Carolyn,

      We understand the burden put on truly small wineries by our present system and we hope there are things to be done to help the small winery/vineyard (several of us are those ourselves!). However, we are concerned about the unintended consequences of moving too quickly on this proposed ordinance, as we laid out in the e-blast. Particularly we are worried about the impact on the environment (ecology, cumulative impact on traffic, etc.), of allowing too much into our remote areas. This needs to be thought out very carefully before an ordinance. Hopefully the environment will be considered above corporate or wealthier interests.

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