The Issue

We're willing to say it: It’s an emergency. Every choice our local government makes has an impact on the future and our climate. Every choice we make as individuals will as well. Our attention to climate change is intrinsically related to everything we face: more fires, water security, land use, and environmental and social justice.

What We're Doing

Bigger picture, we challenge our local governmental bodies to adopt a climate action plan that has been floundering in Napa County for twelve years. We are running out of time and it is a terrible injustice to future generations. We cannot continue unbridled consumption, growth, and natural destruction.

Personally, we have each taken a pledge to acknowledge that climate change is an emergency and to take steps in our own lives to lessen our impact. Each of has examined our choices and made life decisions that will put out less carbon. Some have pledged not to fly, others not to burn, others to drive considerably less and with clean vehicles, and many to reduce energy consumption, or make dietary choices, all with a collective positive outcome.

Our Vision

A Napa County Climate Action Plan will be adopted, followed, adhered to, and embraced by the community. Every local resident will make better choices.