The Issue

The success of Measure C is reflected by the fact it lost by less than 2 percent of the vote in spite of the hundreds of thousands of dollars the wine industry used to defeat it in a disingenuous, fear-mongering campaign. Its near-victory on the June 2018 ballot illuminated for everyone that we have a vocal and growing number of citizens who see the need for enhanced protection of our hillsides and forested watersheds.

Bolstering our forests is our first line of defense in slowing climate breakdown. Measure C would have provided much-needed stream setbacks and would have slowly drawn down the county's allowance of forested lands that could be converted into vineyards. It also would have enacted meaningful mitigations for developments already underway.

The issue of water security remains at the forefront of local citizens' concerns. The fight for enhanced protections of our collective, finite water resources and the urgent need to curb climate change are here to stay.

What We're Doing

Napa Vision 2050 supports citizen initiatives that address the protection of our Ag Watershed and Open Space lands. We lobby our supervisors, write letters to the editor, and study the science to support the best approach to making our environment and water supply resilient to coming climate changes. Napa County government heard the alarm when Measure C almost won and offered a weak ordinance to protect hillsides. It is highly likely that another citizen’s initiative will be before voters in 2022 -- an initiative that we will assist in putting before voters.

Our Vision

We envision a future in which forests and oak woodlands in our Ag Watershed lands are no longer cut but restored, and water is treated as sacred.