The Issue

With a wide margin of voter and community support, Measure D, a citizen-backed ballot initiative, has done for Napa County what other communities have failed to do: stop private heliports. Private-use helicopter landings and takeoffs to and from residences would increasingly impact Napa Valley's quality of life. Measure D stopped the development of private heliports, the resultant noise pollution, and the potential deadly accidents. This also prevents the very real future of helicopter taxi services.

As expected, the measure faced legal challenges. In early 2020, however, the case settled, with minor clarifications: no more private heliports, no personnel, managerial or visitor transport by helicopter to vineyards. (The update March 2020 Facts on Measure D.

What We're Doing

Napa Vision 2050 worked hard to inform voters about the stakes of private heliports if allowed in Napa County. While we value property rights, we must respect those of our neighbors who are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their properties. An environment free of neighborhood helicopter noise and danger, will continue to keep our rural county's skies peaceful and protect our property values. The specter of private helicopter prevalence is evident in many other tourism communities, where those residents wish they had foreseen the need for a measure such as Napa's Measure D. Residents who can afford a helicopter may use our two airports in Napa and Angwin.

Our Vision

We are happy that our efforts have contributed to a quieter, safer environment.