The Issue

Our residents and visitors from around the world come into our beautiful Napa Valley on Highways 29 and 221 from the south, passing between Napa Valley College on the left and the large Syar Quarry mine on the right. Our valley is shaped like a lung. At its mouth lies the mine spewing asphalt toxins, diesel emissions, and silica-laden dust into our air. Prevailing winds carry these toxins over our neighborhoods, patients, and staff at Napa State Hospital and numerous schools and children centers.

Our local county government and our state air quality board do not monitor the mine's pollution. Inspections have been lame at best. The board of supervisors of Napa County ignored a mountain of evidence and numerous experts warning of the potential for harm from the mine’s conditions and approved its operation for another 35 years. At the same time, the County approved the recycling of asphalt which compounds the danger to the community. The County's action guarantees these conditions will continue and expand until 2051 unless citizens are successful in their legal challenge.

What We're Doing

Napa Vision 2050 is raising awareness not only of the potentially harmful effects of the quarry on the rest of the valley but also of the political context in which the quarry is allowed to operate. We have filed amicus briefs on behalf of Napa citizens and continue to exert pressure on local and state governments to act.

Our Vision

We would like to see an increase in both the quality and quantity of inspections taking place at the Syar Quarry. We also call for more rigorous mitigation measures, and further transparency in how future measures are decided.