The September 2017 lawsuit filed by Soda Canyon residents against the County for its abuse of discretion in approving the Mountain Peak Winery project is set for a hearing on Jan 11, 2019 starting at 8:30am in Dept. I of the Napa County Courthouse. The outcome of this hearing and case will have far-reaching impacts on remote and rural wineries across the entire County of Napa. We strongly encourage you to:

(1) Attend the Mountain hearing on January 11, 2019;
(2) Donate to Protect Rural Napa to assist in this expensive, but critical legal battle, which can be done by clicking HERE.

Or send a check to:
Protect Rural Napa
P.O. Box 2385
Yountville, CA 94559

The Mountain Peak Winery project calls for a 100,000 gal/yr winery permit, with 33,000 sf of caves, 15,000 visitors/yr, 19 employees/day, 100+ vehicle trips/day, all of which is to be conducted 6 miles up the winding, dead-end Soda Canyon Road, a rural community that was decimated by the 2017 Atlas Fire (two lives were lost, and 82% (134 of 163) of homes on Soda Canyon were either totally (118 of 163) or partially (16 of 163) destroyed by the fire). For more information about the Mountain Peak Winery project, click HERE.

The lawsuit requests that the County conduct a full Environmental Impact Report on the project, as required under California law, rather than relying on the staff’s negative declaration of less-than-significant environmental impacts when the Board of Supervisors approved the project.

Soda Canyon residents are funding the legal fight against Mountain Peak and the Napa County Board of Supervisors. It is an expensive endeavor, but one that is worth the fight to protect not only the rural character and public safety and welfare of our community, but also all similar rural communities across the Napa Valley. Mountain Peak is the county’s poster child for potential future development throughout Napa’s most remote and rural regions, making this legal battle especially important to the future of Napa Valley. For more information on the county-wide impacts of Mountain Peak Winery, click HERE.

Please consider assisting these Soda Canyon residents by donating to PRN and clicking here