From Napa Residents for Smart Planning

We have not succeeded in persuading the Developer, Renewable Properties, LLC. to withdraw the application for the Palm Drive Solar Project.

In a political compromise, the American Canyon Solar project is currently being rushed through the planning approval process by the same Developer. Similar to Palm Drive, this project is located in our Agricultural Watershed and is zoned Residential and Agricultural.

The serious implications of this are that Napa County does not yet have regulations in place to guide and regulate solar projects. Approval of this project will create a precedent that provides the opportunity for this and other developers to take legal action if the County turns down similar solar projects in our Agricultural Watershed and our Agricultural Preserve.

Both Solano County and Sonoma County have had regulations and guidelines to manage Solar Projects in place for years, allowing them to provide solar project developers with clear guidelines.

We, the citizens of Napa County, are requesting that the County deny any approvals on Solar projects until they adopt regulations. Neighboring counties’ regulations can be adapted to suit our County with minimal effort. In addition, the State has provided significant support with suggested guidelines. We, the citizens, are working diligently to provide the County with research to assist in this process.

Please email Eileen M. Pereira,, if you would like to review the information we have gathered.

If you would like to be a speaker, please let us know by replying to this email. We will provide you with the topics we need covered and as much guidance/research as you would like. Please know that if you would prefer not to be a speaker, your very presence will speak for itself.

Please join in our efforts to keep Napa County bucolic. Your presence, for possibly a few hours, may change the future of our neighborhood.

Wednesday, November 28th at 9:00 am. See you there!