At a time when our natural lands are at risk of development, this is one of the most important measures to come before voters. The Napa County Regional Parks and Open Space District has been amazing and forward-thinking in addressing climate change and what we need to create resilience. For more information about the scope of this Measure K or about the work of Parks and Open Space, click here

By increasing sales tax by 1/4 cent, citizens can provide funds to protect over 20,000 acres of watersheds, rolling hills, creeks, and open space. Over a third of this tax will be borne by tourists, paying their share to protect an environment they love to visit.

Your Yes vote on March 3, 2020, will help:

Reduce wildfire risk through improved vegetation management.
Protect drinking water and water quality in Napa County rivers, lakes, creeks, and streams by acquiring, preserving and restoring watersheds
Protect natural open spaces and wildlife habitat 
Maintain parks and trails, including larger natural parks and city parks.